Day 6, TFN

Today was a pseudo rest day with a trip planned around Wayanad. A short 70km ride was planned with one pit-stop. The whole lot of us were made to go through a rather steep incline for a sojourn to the middle of town. We all went towards Calicut when we were asked to head back by Navin Mathew. However Roopak and another roadie had already started the downhill through the Lakkidi ghat section to Calicut. Rest of us headed back, and went towards Banasura Sagar dam through the TFN designated route. Today’s route was rather bad, the road condition were not really good, and the scenery wasn’t outstanding. But still there was fun in cycling in Wayanad terrain with continuous climbs and downhills

Stream of cyclists in idyllic Kerala
Had an incredible amount of fun making Amit pronounce Mallu words like Padinyarattara, Chakkankulangara , etc. He basically wanted to know the name of each village as we passed along. It started with him trying to pronounce Pazhampori , the ubiquitous Mallu invention of frying sweet banana dipped in Maida in coconut oil. So we had a few Pazhamporis and teas on the way. I was beginning to feel my infection and kept myself hydrated throughout. Had a lot of fun with Deena and Pranav , we must have had 10-15 small hills (or more cross). At every downhill these guys would zoom past me, and I would wait for the next uphill to get my own back.

A rush to catch the local beef

Ended up forgetting my helmet at the lone pit stop today, and our official blogger fetched it for me. Halfway back to the hotel, Anjana made me wear her helmet for the rest of the journey.

We reached the hotel early but thanks to my fever, cold and congestion did not go into the water. A lot of the folks enjoyed a good massage by some trained local(s). Learnt later on that the two cyclists had gone all the way to Calicut beach before the support staff caught up. Hmm…
Can’t remember much of the night other than liking the calm night in Kalpetta. Had a severe case of congestion at night, and could hardly sleep, must have woken up about 8-10 times to use salt water to clear my nose and throat. (Naasyam). I am lucky that my room mates did not kill me that night.


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