Day 8 TFN

Top demo
The final day of the TFN was going to be a short and sweet ride. We were going to ride from Gonikoppa to Mysore, a distance of about 80km. Of course since this was the last day, there were the usual photographs at the foyer of the lodge we were staying, and after the customary briefing by Santosh, we were all off.

Final speech

top view

I tried taking some photographs whilst cycling today. A lot of folks were a little bemused by the domesticated tusker that was patrolling the periphery of the road in the buffer zone surrounding the Titimathi range.

The tusker

The road condition was quite varied, and as a fellow TFNer quipped, we are letting you experience the moon without having to leave the comfort of our planet.

The Kodagu moonscape
Coorg  moonscape

Imported road in Coorg

Nice view

More coorg road
More coorg

More dust, less road
more dust than road

We had one pitstop today somewhere after the Titimathi area. Had a break at a Neer dosa shop where the owner had an unexpected windfall. We reached the Hunsur – Madikeri road, and probably for the 1st time the roadies had tarmac they could drool on. the rest of us tolerated the heat , but a few water melons and coconut waters of course helped us along.We reached around mid-day , packed our cycles to be loaded to the trucks taking them to Bangalore.Tucked into the lunch and hitched a ride in Siva’s car to Bangalore from here. Dozed off in the car , reached home early. Of course kids and rest of family were happy to see me. I came back to the bus stand with my car with bike carrier at night to pick up both my and Jace’s cycles. Went with my kids. Picked up Kiran and his wife on the way, took our bikes, and loaded them on to the car. Dropped him at his place , and by that time my sons were fast asleep. Reached home for a second time with my broken cycle at night. Twas definitely a memorable experience, these last 8 days, probably will be in memory for a while.


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