Bangalore Bicycling championships, Nandi 15th October 2011

I didn’t expect myself to write a blog on a regular cycle ride but enough impressions from this to warrant one. I decided on the eve of the race, not to race and just go to Nandi and see the folks riding. I had purchased a water dispenser for the Turahalli downhill race, and its been there with me for 2 months. This was a good time to handover the dispenser and gave me an excuse to at least ride to the race. Since I started riding at around 5:30 , I figured I might get tired riding to the race start that was 40km or so, and just headed to Nandi with a backpack containing the dispenser. Started @ 5:25 from Puttenahalli. On the way, I passed a big group of riders waiting at Hebbal, possibly waiting for the Nandi GMC practice ride. Caught up with barefoot ace Anil Kadsur and his friend on the way. Caught up with two racers, Som and his friend. sometime before the Budigere cross on Airport road. Saw Priya cycling near the base away from Nandi and then went past our ace mobile photographer Krishna on the way up. Reached Nandi about 9 am , taking 40 mins for the climb. The laptop probably increased the effort, though never know, maybe I have actually slowed down. The only way to find out is to do a climb again when the opportunity presents itself.

On top, met Deepak Rao and Venkat Navarasi for the 1st time. They had rode from the race point starting earlier than the riders. Had to wait for a while for the 1st riders to come up, since the start was probably delayed. Once the riders came, it was a real stream, though I expected some close fights, and there were none. The riders were all well spaced out as they come to the top. Navin came in 1st, Lokesh followed after about a minute or so. Then Pratyush, Rafi and Kiran Raju. Samim came in the top 10 and tells me that he was actually supposed to be recovering from RAAM and PBP. And of course he went back down twice to escort each of his sons on the way up. I believe his sons are 13 and 12 and they did a commendable job on the Nandi climb. Some inspiration for our younger ones.
I missed some of the riders when I made a trip to Vasu’s car to pick up the Vitamin M box. We had to guard against the investigative monkeys who were eyeing the bananas and other foodstuff. They managed to yank off my bottles from my cycle for the juice inside. They still have not figured out how to unscrew caps.

I went down, and was overtaken by a bunch of racers cycling furiously. I stopped to see Major, Ganapathy and Opendro doing some fixes to flats. Handed over some puncture kit and went ahead to find the breakfast place. I reached the intersection where we approach Bellary road and decided to turn back, having missed the b/fast place. Turned out it was sponsored by a local realty company and it was in their premises. Went back with the 3some and had the sandwich, and oodles of gatorade. We started from that place a little late, at about 12:30 or so. Coming back on the main highway, I got exhausted sometime around Yelahanka, and from thereon it was chore getting home. Got pretty dehydrated by the time I got near MG Road. Didn’t realize it then, but it could have either contributed to , or be because of a stomach infection. Thanks to the namesake of the lord of obstacles for escorting me till 4th block Jayanagar . I reached home at around 3:30 or so. Tummy took a nosedive at night and for the next two days. Ended up losing about 3kgs during the week aided by a sore tummy.


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