Newbie cyclist and commute ease

This is a verbatim transcript of  a thread in Bangalore bikers club.I’m just reproducing it here to try and encourage non-cycling visitors to take up cycling as a means of commute.

Absolutely, please share
I also have absolutely no shame in admitting the following; if it can get more people cycling.
1) I was hardly the model of fitness when I started out. I was at least 10-12 KG overweight
2) I was not leading a healthy lifestyle at all. I hadn’t exercised for the past 3 years
3) It was difficult initially for the first week or so but it got far easier after that.
The *only* caveat is that you need to invest in a cycle that’s easy to ride.
On Jan 24, 2012, at 9:30 AM, S Chidambaran wrote:
That’s great info.  Can I share it on  other fora?Its important since you have cycled for just 2 months and have felt the difference. Was it tough initially.One of the problems that I face when I tell people about our cycling experiences wrt to ease of commute , the refrain is that “You are used to it, since you cycle a lot”. Difficult for them to believe that it will make a big difference to them in a short while. Talking about the real experience of someone who has recently taken it up helps.


On 01/24/2012 09:25 AM, Darshan Bildikar wrote:

This is great!!

BTW, I have been cycling to office daily for the past two months. It’s definitely faster than a bus (1.25 hours), bike (1 hour), car (1.25 hours); assuming peak traffic. I reach exactly in 40-45 minutes (irrespective of what the traffic is like) covering a distance of 15 KM one way.
Every argument that I had against it has come to nought.
1) Too far
2) Not fit enough
3) Too much pollution
4) Will take too much time
I am now in the process of evangelizing this in my team and have already converted two other people. Hopefully more will follow 🙂


Here is a link to the thread     Cycling the fastest way to commute



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