Bangalore Bikers Championship BBCh 2

It all started with a mail from Rohan – Hey Chiddu, Vasu wanted to check with you if you would be interested in checking out possible children’s race routes in all our BBCh races. The idea sounded swell to me, especially since I happen to be the father of two children who loved cycling. This race was also in Turahalli , one of the last open space left in South Bangalore. So I went out to the base for a couple of weeks, and checked out the trails in the Eucalyptus Grove. My idea was to check out a loop that first went uphill and then downhill. I thought of getting some help on the day of the race and clearing a parallel track from the main trail. I went to the base with my kids a few times and rode around the area (with them). It was apparent that the area under the Eucalyptus grove was the best place for holding such a race. A day before the race, Akshay calls up and asks me to get some water, a dispense and if possible some Electral. So I organize that , dump them in my car. I make it to the venue at around 7:15 and find a lot of kids and their parents already there.I put the dispenser in place , hand over the electral/electrobion to Akshay and push off home, making a call before starting, telling Rohini to get the kids ready. I keep prodding her to come and see the race, and since her kids were doing it, hopefully she would make it today. Though we got some mails that indicated about 30 children participating in the races, it turned out that only about 16 children participated in the race. All these were in the age group 4 to 9. After the elderly races, all the kids headed out to the base of the Eucalyptus Grove where I checked out the trail. Many of the children were seen riding around this area. Some of the parents told me that they were scared of the rocky downhills at the base as their kids weren’t entirely comfortable with the brakes. After some general discussions somebody ( I think Arvind) popped the idea of a TT. Avoid collisions and safer. I was thinking of a loop As I was thinking of a loop, again it turned out that the uphill section was tough to negotiate for a few kids. ( This will hopefully change in the future). So we finally decided to make it a gentle downhill TT for the kids. Pronto my son says – but Appa the big race loop was 3.2 km , only this much for us? Was thinking about the race, so not sure if this was a complaint or a statement of relief. Never got time to check with him on that. We lined up a few volunteers to man the somewhat treacherous parts of the route , the bumps and the sudden deviations. Sohan was stationed at a point where I had planned for the U turn , and we pushed that back a little to make it a start point. I felt it was too small, and was trying to extend it when Parag quipped – Chiddu this is a race, please don’t make it a brevet. I opined that it would be better to make the uphill stretch as part of the race, and that too was shot down, reason given that all the bikes were single gear and many kids would find it tough to climb. So a gentle downhill it was and a race that would bring out our next Nilesh Dhumal. It took some time for us to get our act together. Arvind went to the start point and Roshni was there at the end point, timing the races. Once Arvind came to the start, I moved towards the end point point. Roshni told me the race had started and sure enough, Maya (Suma’s daughter) came to the finish. I saw the 2nd guyfollowing close enough, didn’t wait to check if he overtook Maya. All the riders went through, and apparently only one of them fell. Some of the parents were seen escorting the children from start to finish.Quite a workout they must have had, since the kids were not exactly going slow. The race was won by a pint sized cyclist who upstaged 2 older kids to finish 1st. We really need to do this on a regular basis, and hopefully we can find suitable kiddie racing options at other venues. However, this was purely downhill, we should have a bit of a climb on the other venues if not a flat stretch that required some pedalling. At the end of the children’s race, we had the prize distribution ceremony. Naveen made the podium despite a dressed up knee , and Darren gave a spirited speech. The women’s prize distribution inspired the women in my family and each one of them have promised to take part in the next race. At the end of it all, Vasu Mishra gave another speech. The next BBCh is a roadie event. Looking forward to it.

The Race venue

The race venue

One of the youngest riders in Bangalore

One of the youngest riders in Bangalore. There was one other 4 year old who did well as well, but don't recognize him

Ravi practices downhill running

Ravi practices downhill running. Either that,or he's motivating his son to go faster. However, would have been better if he ran ahead, if the latter was his intention

On closer look, looks like an unfinished argument carried over from home

On closer look, looks like an unfinished argument carried over from home, and Ravi wishing to have the last word.Bhaag ke kahaan jaoge , main tumhara baap hun!

Oh well, I knew i'd win

Oh well, I knew i'd win

The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy


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