Minimalist shoes/barefoot run comparison

I ran from Koramangala St Johns Ground towards EGL Domlur on Wednesday. Towards the end of my run, I found it difficult. Even though the foot landing felt okay, I felt that my forefeet/paws were badly constrained by the shoes and felt a bit of a pain both on my fore feet and my calves. So I stopped, took the shoes off and ran (carrying the shoes in my hand) just for a short while. I immediately felt much more comfortable.
Link to my workout, with shoes
Link to my workout, sans shoes
The second run was far too short, but keep in mind was that the only break i took was to simply take off my shoes, and for both runs I was trying to maintain an easy comfortable pace.
An speed of 5:23 min/km as opposed to around 6:02 min/km to me at least suggests that my speed barefoot is much better than with the shoe I wore.
The oxylane shoes I wore