Bliss In The Hills 2019

Bliss In The Hills is one of the oldest 1200 km rides in India, and has been an annual feature since 2014. The idea was conceived post discussions on Bangalore Bicycling Clubs google group/mailing list. It took 2-3 seasons to search and finalise a route. It took multiple recces to get a satisfactory route. The rough outline of the route has been unchanged. Belur , Virajpet, Mananthavadi , Kalpetta, Meppadi, Gudalur, Kotagiri, Yercaud, Yelagiri have been featured in the ride every year. The original idea, to nurture and sustain an Indian 1200 km that challenges riders yet is a world class riding experience still stands. we have had independent feedback that the ride would be attractive to European riders, we intend to focus on making this a bigger event in the coming years.

Bangalore Brevets is an independent body and is not affiliated to any other organization. We started off as an ACP recognized ride in 2014, and have modelled our timings and speed requirements from there, but every subsequent year , we have conducted it independently. All successfully registered riders get a permanent Bangalore Brevets rider number. We use the club name/numbers for reference, but for now, the ride is open to everyone. There are no qualifications needed for the ride, but the ride will be challenging , but fun at the same time

The finish ratio for the ride has varied year on year

2014 — 40 started, 4 finished
2015 — 20 started, 8 finished
2016 — 16 started, 4 finished
2017 — 17 started, 2 finished
2018 — 3 started, 2 finished

In addition to the above numbers, 3 additional riders finished in 2014 but didn’t make it to intermediate controls in time. In 2015 , two riders who had finished PBP that year rode the circuit in 109 hours (against a cut off of 90 hours)

The overall route has undergone tweaks over the years, some sections that have got crowded have been changed for more scenic and quiet options. But the ride has been , and will be challenging. And the finish will be immensely satisfying.

A very open item has been the design of medals and certificates. That is being looked into and we will get it done later this year. The primary drive has been to make it unique , since finishing Bliss is seen as, and widely accepted as a non trivial ask, even for a seasoned rider.

We look forward to your participation this year and in future years, and thank everybody for their continued support.

Registrations are open and will be kept open for 2017. We will be doing a route recce this weekend and update everyone

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