Reba’s thoughts on our immunity

This has been on my mind for a couple of days, that in this day and age where there is so much confusion about vaccines, and so many labels for people who make their own choices – we seem to be missing a few key points. Just want to take a moment to realign focus to spaces that we should bear in mind so that everyone – regardless of what their stand is on vaccines – can stay aligned to good health and wellbeing.

1. THERE IS SUCH A THING AS NATURAL IMMUNITY – beginning from the womb, when the mother’s antibodies begin to imprint immunity data on the baby, continued and solidified through the breastfeeding process, then nurtured through the good bacteria supportive foods that native communities had as a staple. A human being’s immune system is actively formulated in the first 2 years – data regarding infections, immune responses, exposure to new viruses and bacteria – happens very robustly and efficiently in these two years.

2. As with all things considered from Nature (immune system included), the first and foremost Ally in this process (of establishing good immunity, and also helping us to recover from an illness) are other cells from Nature. Plants, herbs, spices, Nature in the form of the mud and dirt itself – all play their own part in formulating, establishing and enhancing the functionality of the immune system. Here is where a group like this is relevant – sharing ways and means from Nature based recovery and healing protocols and elements. So whether you are vaccinating or not, the most reliable elements of recovery from ANY illness will be from Nature – since biologically they are components that are easy understood by our own cells.

3. Our understanding of our body itself is extremely limited. This is because we are trained by thought processes, textbooks, and teachers who are perceiving things of the body only through one perspective – that is the Western perspective. I love the Western perspective and tools, because it has provided me much detailed understanding of many many things. But at the root of iit – it is still learning to understand the multi layered, and multifaceted quality of the human mind-body-spirit connection. I love their pursuit for understanding the Truth about how things work in this reality and the body that we live in. But the fact is, they are still searching and understanding. EG: new organ discovered last year – the Interstitium – changes how many, many body processes have been understood by modern medicine so far. It was only 2 years ago that modern medicine actually accepted that the Circadian rhythm has an impact on the human body! It is important that people who are seeking a ‘no side effects’ approach to their health understand that modern medicine is slowly making its way from 2nd grade to the 3rd….Understandably so, because it is a very, very young participant in the process! I have great hopes for this stream of medicine in the coming 100 years and more, when it integrates many of the fragmented streams of data that it is currently looking at – and starts to piece together the puzzle of what, how, when, where, why things make us tick! This will be fabulous simply because it would probably be the first time in the history of humanity that the general pubic will have access to perceiving, understanding and integrating all of this knowledge in their daily lives! But until then, I choose to go with the traditional methodologies that have already proved that they work.

4. As we ponder over and consider the above points, what do we do with the information that is being given to us? How can I know which to believe? How do I know who to trust? Examine where is it coming from? Examine what is the opponent to that thought saying about it. We need to be aware – is the information that I believe in coming from corporate vested interest, or is it coming from scientists who are independently doing the research, have focused on this for few years so that they get the bigger picture about that particular subject. Is it coming from a careprovider who has learnt it from school and has it ingrained in his/her head because the education system rewarded them for learning it as well as possible? Examine who is gaining from the process. Take time to understand ‘what is this same scenario inn the Nature designed way’ – and then MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND!!

We are all learning on this journey called Life. There are informed choices and there are blind choices, and there are coerced choices and there are also instances of us making a choice that we do not want to – it all depends on our life circumstances, our personality, etc. Look into what you feel strongly about, keep reading, researching, and be a genuine participant in your own life journey. Ultimately THAT is what matters.

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